Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Retrospectively, all the things you said were kind of mean

You said i could come over to your place.
I said i didn't know where it was cause i had never been there.

I said we should meet near the pharmacy.
You said it was too far.

You said smthng vague about turning left/right or smthng.
I said i'll see what i can do.

You said i was late.
You said you almost fell asleep.
You said i could have a glass of milk in the kitchen.
You said i would have to go to the kitchen by myself.
You said smthng forgettable about 'Saving Private Ryan', or another blockbuster movie i had not seen, while i was standing alone in the kitchen.

I said i liked 'Never Understand' by The Jesus+Mary Chain.
You said you liked it too, but you didn't.

I said i could probably learn anything.
You said anybody could learn anything.

I said i never know when to leave.
You said 'leave, now'.

Monday, April 18, 2011

If that song was famous i would say it's overrated

I want to write a post focusing only on one song. The hardest part is that i don't have anything particular to say about that song.

I think it was written in the key of ____ major/minor or smthng.

He sings in English and i feel like he's improvising the lyrics. It seems intense, though.

I feel comfortable thinking that lots of people have never heard this song. If that song was famous, its beauty would become vulgar. I think.

Interesting part:

At 3:18, when he says 'oh well i could have loved you. You know i once believed in you'. This sentence is very tragic. I want to use it someday, without giving any credits to that song, ofc.

I had written several more sentences and deleted every one of them. All my posts contain more or less the same words, except in a different order. I could have deleted that one too.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jurassic Park wasn't that good nor was it very influential

Jurassic Park 1

- In Jurassic Park 1, a lame ass lawyer is eaten alive while he's hidding/pooping in the toilets. You don't feel too sorry for him or anything.

- In Jurassic Park 1, nobody ever kisses. Even the couple of paleontologists seem stuck in the 'friend zone'.

- In Jurassic Park 1, there's a mathematican with a leather jacket, and he says nihilistic/post-punk stuff. He becomes the hero in Jurassic Park 2, but he refused to be part of the Jurassic Park 3 pyramid scheme.

- In Jurassic Park 1, there's a paleontologist who doesn't love children too much, cause he prefers old fossils.

- In Jurassic Park 1, some dinosaurs are bigger than others.

Jurassic Park 2

- In Jurassic Park 2, they thought having 2 T-Rex would make the movie twice better than the first one.

- In Jurassic Park 2, there's a silly scene where some broad rescues a bb T-Rex cause its leg is broken. She wants to heal the baby T-Rex cause she's a lil bit disconnected from reality. She asks a guy to spit his chewing gum so she can use it to repair the leg of the bb T-Rex.

- In Jurassic Park 2, a lil black girl defeats a very dangerous dinosaur by doing some gym/cheerleader trick.

Jurassic Park 3

- In Jurassic Park 3, the dinosaurs are very very smart.

- In Jurassic Park 3, nothing really makes any sense. They just wanted to make another movie, i guess.

- In Jurassic Park 3, a guy steals some dinosaur eggs and the dinosaurs refuse that kind of uncivilised behaviour.

Jurassic Park 1/2/3

- In Jurassic Park 1/2/3, no human being ever kills a dinosaur.

- In Jurassic Park 1/2/3, the same uplifting instrumental music is used. It's the classic 'Jurassic Park Theme'.

- In Jurassic Park 1/2/3, there are annoying children who are way too smart.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some of my happiest moments in life occur on AOL instant messenger

When i was just a lil boy, my parents sacrified themselves to get an Internet connexion before ≈ 80% of the rest of the world. Two summers in a row, they stayed at home instead of going on holidays, in order to save enough money to buy our first Internet.

To this day, i still love them for that.

When we finally had the Internet, my mother called me with a serious voice intonation and she told me to watch this VHS tape about the dangers of the Internets and all:

I know yall probably think this video is silly, but i swear it saved my life a bunch of times.

Things i've learned while watching this video:

- You should tell your parents if you see smthng confusing on the Internets

- White girls own Asian slaves because Asian people type faster

- Your parents should chose your fb profile pictures

- If you upload a picture of u on the internets, somebody somewhere is tugging one out while looking at it

- People on the Internets who pretend to be named Lisa are usually sleeveless creepy moustache bros

- Never chat on the internet with somebody you know irl

- Hip-hop songs make the end of a Public Service Announcement more dramatic