Monday, May 16, 2011

There's a ghost in my house - I can't hide.

I tried to read a book on the train. A weird-looking little book. It's hard to read a weird-looking little book with somebody sitting in front of you. I kept the weird-looking little book on my knees so he couldn't see its cover. I know he'd have judged it by its cover.

Then, I wanted to go insane and shout something like 'ok, this is NOT a comic book'. And, he'd have looked at me with a surprised facial expression, not really understanding what just happened. Maybe not even knowing what the hell is a comic book.

Then, I wanted to tell him about the book in a very serious+amateurish way, like in a review from And he'd have listened to me quietly, nodding his head and uh-huh-ing in all the right places.

Then, i wanted him to read the book aloud to me. And he'd have used different voice intonations for all the different characters, although the book was really just a long internal monologue.

But i remained silent and kept reading over and over again the same sentence.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ben Laden is dead but i thought he was already dead

Ben Laden is dead. He died for his sins or smthng. His body belongs to America now.

Die, die Ben Laden, we never knew how to spell your name, anyway.

Really, i thought he was already dead. So it's like he died twice.

But he was really bad, so he should die at least twice.

The internet is happy, cause Ben Laden is checking his fb account from hell.