Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Sad Alts

Sometimes, on the popular website i see pictures of alts that look really depressed.

Hey buddy,
it's me
don't be so sad, everything's gonna be alright
i promise

I know TheJoyDivisions were a chill band and all
(they were the best)
i know Love Will Tear Us Appart
but come on, bro

Jesus, you haven't showered in like 10 days
do you think Ian Curtis would be proud of you?
he would want you to have a hot shower
he was a very clean guy

You know, I've seen the movie Control too
(great one)
i loved it when they signed the contract with their blood
blood will tear us appart

life is not all about feeling dark+sad+other negative traits
the clouds make way for the sunshine,