Friday, July 13, 2012

have no fear little one im here to protect thee

last night i dreamed about you
you were wearing white jeans
and holding a telephone 
you had a rare brain disease
and asked me to confirm that
you were really holding a telephone
you slowly immersed half of your face
into a corrosive acid bath
the green acid dripped from your face
but it did not bur

Monday, July 9, 2012

why isnt god giving cash prizes

let's move to manhattan
let's be friends with the neighbors
let's have lunches with the neighbors
let's drink homemade vitamin juice
it has an undertaste
let's cut your hair
it looks awful
did you really pay for that
let's have a baby
let's have a painful pregnancy
let's see another doctor
a new one
a better one
let's drink more homemade vitamin juice
all of them juices
wait no nevermind it just stopped suddenly
the pain
there is no conspiracy
what the hell rosemary
let's give birth to the baby now
satan is his father
and his name is adrian