Monday, March 23, 2015

tomorrow i will wake up and will do none of the things i said i would do

i stagger in the dark
a leftover word bumps into the night table
and breaks the silence
what did you say
a rude word
the rude word is bruised and grumpy
now there’s nothing left to say

Thursday, January 29, 2015

sarah 001

even though you only intended to steal that candle i liked once
even though we only half-assedly tried to make a mini-snowman once
even though you only said you wanted to see me again once
even though we wont do encores
i might not be able to forget you completely

Monday, January 12, 2015

fruits rouges

meet the girl
she’s so beautiful
she’s the most beautiful
and she likes what you like mostly
start giving in to love
let her put a spell on you
kiss the girl in her car on the third date
feel sad about getting off the car
dance alone in your appartement
get to know each others
where have you been all my life
don’t notice how she cries every morning
it’s probably just
or bad memories
or something
pretend it never happened
plus lips that taste of tears
are the best for kissing
they say
forget when she hates you
forget when she screams 
oh please just forget it
forgive anything
you don’t want to lose her now, do you
reassure her
it’s all in your head
you say
start losing her
break up with her
think about the matching tee shirts
you two bought together not so long ago
(this has another ending
full of innocent children)

late christmas wish list

i want to have ‘de l’esprit’
[mental sharpness and inventiveness]
i want to be all spiritual
almost holy
here’s a december story
[that you might have not heard before]
somebody rang at my door and asked if i were italian
outside in the street there was a safari-ish looking truck
the type they use to carry around bottles of mineral water during races like the Paris – Dakar
there was also a shovel on top of the truck
and i really think the man was a burglar or a gravedigger
planning to bury me
[that’s allowed but you would have to pay a small fee]

Thursday, July 24, 2014


i dont know if i should read that much
cause i dont remember what i read
i dont know if i should watch movies that much
cause i dont remember what i watched
i dont know if i should love you that much
cause i dont remember what i loved

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I hate you don’t leave me

i have heard this song before
and i dont like the lyrics
nor the melody

and it’s a shame 
cause you can say 
such beautiful words

Sunday, January 26, 2014


i want you to unexpectedly sleep over at my place
and forget a cute piece of clothes in the morning
possibly a scarf
and i want to call you
to tell you about what you forgot here
and i wont tell you about the part
where i smelled the scarf
just to remember your smell
and right now this is really just the ‘you’ of poetry
but im hoping soon it’s gonna be You