Sunday, November 15, 2015


one night of bad sleep equals to six months of a very sugary diet

coffee is good bad not evil for your heart but potentially cancer-causing for your bladder

practicing a physical activity for thirty minutes everyday is not enough

and one single can of soda contains more sugar than your whole daily needs

five vegetables should be eaten everyday but they’re semi full of pesticides

meat is murder

fishes have feelings too

you might as well survive on sunlight alone

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

lou reed died

i once had a birthday
all the leaves fell off the tree outside my place
the days got shorter and colder
you messaged me
said it was butt dialing

i once had a nightmare
a storm was hitting a camping site
tents were flying around
i was walking in a river of mud
looking for you

jack victor ashley and everyone they knew

‘The young and the restless’ is known in france under the dramatic name ‘les feux de l’amour’. ‘Fires of love’. My grandmother used to watch it at 13h00, everyday, year after year. Then my grandfather passed away, the television remained turned off. And jack, victor, ashley went their own way.

nothing much to say: a memoir

During my first year of junior high school, I once accidentally had lunch at the cafeteria, sitting face to face alone with the most popular/cool boy of my class (late 90s standards). Amazingly enough, we did not have much to say. Struggling behind my foggy glasses i took the big leap :

- i think Jennifer was prettier before she had braces on…
- hell yeah
- ...
- ...
- ...
- ...
(from here to eternity)

love’s going out of fashion

you once wanted to have
the most spiritual
door opening
tantric sex

but we didn't really know how
so we went to bed instead

something i remember from an anais nin short story

in the medieval times, a crusader who was leaving
gave the key of his wife’s chastity belt to his best friend
they took a selfie together and smoked a cigarette
half an hour later, his best friend sent him a whatsapp message

this is not the right key’

how to win friends and influence people at work (plus the colors I mentally associate with the days of the week)

how are you doing
like a monday

how are you doing
oh well like a thursday

how are you doing
halfway there you know it’s wednesday

how are you doing
it gets better on thursdays

how are you doing
doing good, friday it is

[and if you really want to know
saturday is brown
and sunday is white]