Sunday, October 9, 2011


'You are nice' usually means 'i want to treat you like shit'

I have written a list of things i don't want to do anymore

and it made me feel successful

I have watched a youtube video named 'Crazy Russian Kids'

and it made me feel dizzy

'I am tired' usually means 'i dont want to'

Friday, October 7, 2011

Betrayal Takes Two

Oh hello sadness
nice to meet you again

I've read something yesterday

my favorite part was 'i find you very intelligent, polite, nice and sweet', although those adjectives could apply to anything, like a bottle of milk or a bike

my least favorite part was 'im actually now starting to have contact with someone that i know since i arrived here and i find really nice too'

and then i uncontrollably started to feel like a rotten fruit in a basket next to a pretty fruit, when a customer comes in and picks the pretty fruit

No, really i'm fine.
depressed as hell, though.
poor and lonely.
and you?