Saturday, October 26, 2013

d├ętruire, dit-elle

autumn is here and yet i dont want it
never would i have believed
that you’d leave without me
i guess ‘i love you’ and ‘je t’aime’
never meant quite the same 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

happiness etc

i will haunt you
in your head
in your bed
in your grave
i will haunt you

but the worst thing is
you’ll haunt me too

Saturday, October 5, 2013

you and your sister

i was sitting on the bus on this rainy day
lost in the labyrinthine structure of my sorrow
when a little boy sat in front of me
and his little sister next to him
the little boy was wearing a bright yellow raincoat
with the tip of its sleeves rolled up 
so his tiny hands could emerge
(nobody not even the rain had such small hands!)

after further examination 
i realized he looked almost exactly like me when i was little

the boy kept staring and smiling at me
(possibly understanding our cosmic connection?)

boy, he even made me smile
just a little


the little boy and his sister later started making obscene gestures
looking at me and pointing towards their genitals
my bus stop appeared
this is where the old farts leave
i got off and went back into this rainy grey maze

Friday, September 27, 2013

it's my party and i'll cry if i want to

all dressed up in brown
jurassic tears rolling down my green painted face
napoleon, captain hook and terminator couldnt see it
but my sad dinosaur costume was a

valentines with attitude

dr dre and eazy-e used to sing songs together
then dr dre said eazy-e should ‘eat a big fat dick’
and they didnt sing songs together anymore
eazy-e sat alone writing songs about dre
while dre bragged about having a VCR
in the back of his car

years later eazy-e died
VCRs got old-fashioned
and dr dre sang
‘eazy im still with you
fuck the beef
i miss you’

Sunday, September 22, 2013

monolithic ass face part 2

after the nurse stuck a needle in my arm
and after i told her about my previous trauma

after she praised my veins for being so apparent
and after my body temperature dropped bellow freezing point

that’s when i offered her
to take only half of the blood today
and the other half another day

(epilogue: she said lol no this isnt how it works) 

mulder’s unpublished blog post (1994)

she knows all the names for all the molecules
she knows the proper posology for every drug
she knows how to perform postmortem examinations on anything

seriously though
if god loves me
why cant i just be
pretty like scully

this mortal coil

Act I

when i was twelve i once got hit in the face during physical education class

somebody was practicing for handstands
and my face happened to be in his heel’s trajectory

as a little boy from the 90s I thought ouch (my ego)
while some blood dripped from my right eyebrow

then i distinctly remember thinking
‘im bleeding but at least i wont have to do my homework tonight’

Act II

later on that night
with three healing strips over my right eyebrow
i was quietly doing my homework

le monde du silence (how to live a successful aquatic life)

1)  get an oyster shell

2)  shrink yourself down

3)  close the oyster shell tightly around your shrunk down body

4)  reopen the shell slightly as not to be mistaken for a fresh edible oyster

5)  apply for a lifetime citizenship under the deep blue sea

Sunday, January 20, 2013


your cat and my cat love each other 
they make plans 
to take planes  

your cat calls a taxi 
‘meow meow we would like a taxi to the airport  
no sir  
we do not have family names’ 

my cat gets angry a little  
and her fur turns red 
‘no family names 
you make it sound like we are ghosts’ 

your cat and my cat really love each other 
they make plans 
enough plans 
to fill up nine lives