Sunday, September 25, 2011

4 unpublished facebook statuses about the modern world

It seems funny to me that r'n'b singer Ashanti had one single in 2002 named 'Baby', then another one in 2003 named 'Rock wit U (Awww Baby)', and another one in 2007 named 'Hey Baby (after the club)'.

They should make a movie about facebook and name it 'The Social Network'.

I only like people whose facebook page/profile crash my browser.

Sending a text message and then being unanswered for ≈ 4 hours could be a new 'extreme sport' (like snowboard, skateboard, etc). I would be good at it, and maybe i would give my name to some 'tricks' of this new extreme discipline.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Something trendy, like an emotional complex

I own a crappy phone
and when i text you
you usually don't text me back
but it would be the same with a good phone
and i think people get replaced easily
as soon as the novelty begins to fade
please don't cry bb, it's only a movie