Monday, December 7, 2015

Tinder message

If i soundlessly murdered a small child for a fish & chips, the police would certainly search my phone afterwards and find these messages and then they would raid into your house in the middle of the night and handcuff you to a spooning French lawyer that would happen to be sleeping in your bed even though he didn’t like dogs much but he felt that spooning behind you was totally worth overcoming his fear of dogs cause your skin was kind of soft and mostly hairless, on the breasts especially that’s better, and also he would master the art of spooning and know that bad arm placement can result in his arm falling asleep or an inability to leave the spooning position since he would have read a full wikihow page about it in the darkness of your bathroom on his iphone 6 which he planed on changing as soon as another iphone would come out because that’s what lawyers do, right, to please their inner spoiled bratty child and if I get back to the story the inspectors would find my DNA on some leftover cookies and dried tea molecules and they would use it as evidence that you knew about this and that you could have stopped this if only you wanted to, you will feel guilty and cry a little and the French lawyer will bring out his fishing rod because lips that taste of tears are the best for fishing they say.

Unsure about tense harmony in the whole paragraph above, though

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