Monday, December 7, 2015

app ideas

Here's an idea for an application for people with low/no self-discipline. The application would automatically turn off the electricity in your apartment at midnight and lock the computer/phone, forcing you to go to bed because there would not be much left to do in the dark. 

The app would be named "second mother".

And if you liked this one, wait until you hear the next one:

Another app would monitor many characteristics of your sleep (how many centimeters you moved, your average body position, the amount of body fluid lost in part per million) and automatically send those sleep data on some kind of instagram. 

The app would simply be named: “This App Wont Make Me Rich But At Least You Will Know What Happens When You Sleep” (for short: T.A.W.M.M.R.B.A.L.Y.W.K.W.H.W.Y.S).

But don't write it as “T.A.W.M.M.R.B.S.L.Y.W.K.W.H.W.Y.S” with an S instead of the A at the 8th position, other people would think it means: 

“This App Wont Make Me Rich But Someone Loved You When Knitting Winter Headbands Wasn’t Yet Successful”.

Please be careful…

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